Sanda Starts Its Second Round of Sino-Dutch International Butler Course

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Reporter: He Wenyan

Editor: Shi Qiang

Source: School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

On 10th October, the opening ceremony for the Second Round of Sino-Dutch International Butler Course was held in the Hospitality Management Teaching and Experiment Center on Jiashan Campus.At the ceremony, students of Class 2019 received the Butler Handbook from Class 2018, the first batch of students taking this course in Sanda. Mr. Gordon Manlo, Senior Trainer of the International Butler Academy, addressed the ceremony. Leaders in Sanda present at the ceremony included Vice President Feng Weiguo and Jia Qiaoping.

This year’s course takes six weeks, from 10th Oct. to 17th Nov. It is to be delivered in 360 school hours. Thirty students of Class of 2019 will take full-time course with English as the medium of instruction at the Center. Jiao Lingying, Director of the Department of Hospitality Management, said that this year’s course would be richer compared with last year’s. Food history and the information about wine would be introduced in the course.

Mr. Gordon Manlo expressed his sincere wishes and hope to the 30 students. He reminded them that butler was not a trade, but a way of living. He encouraged students to always retain their enthusiasm, patience and happiness. He also stressed that the course was not in learning but in training, and expressed at the end that everyone could become a true personal butler!

“One must strive to be professional, instead of always taking pride in your major,” said Vice President Feng. He fully acknowledged students’ achievements and hard work. It was hoped that student could unleash their full potential in the end.

Translated by Haiyan Men