Seven Teachers Awarded in the Third Shanghai Teaching Skills Competition for Teachers in Private Universities

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ReporterGao Ying, Wu QiuyunSource:Center for Faculty Development

It has been five years since the Teacher Training Project was initiated in Shanghai private universities. Qin Wen, awarded as one of the excellent teachers in the private universities in Shanghai, said on 13th Oct. that she has made great progress both in the depth of knowledge and in cultivation in the Project. She said at the award ceremony that she was able to meet a better self thanks to the Training Project.

Since June 2012 when Shanghai Education Commission started the Training Project for teachers in private universities, 288 teachers in Sanda have participated in all kinds of skill and academic trainings. Until September 2017, 17 teachers have got master’s degrees from universities in England, America and Singapore.

Teachers from Sanda awarded in the 3rd Teaching Skills Competition were Qin Wen (first prize winner) and Qi Qi, Gong Zilan, Zhou Shixin, Yin Xue, Cao Jing and Song Yan (second and third prize winners).

Vice-Chairman Chu Minwei, Deputy CPC Secretary Wang Fuming and Vice President Feng Weiguo were invited for the award ceremony.On behalf of private universities in Shanghai, Deputy Secretary Wang Fuming addressed the ceremony. She pointed out that high-quality education ensures a prosperous nation and high-quality education requires skilled and well-learned teachers. She hoped the Training Project would continue to bring benefits to teachers and to help promote the development of universities.

Photos taken by Gao Ying

Translated by Haiyan Men