Ms. Yunmu YANG


Office Phone:021-20262626-88438

Office Location:Room 8438Building NO.8


Courses TaughtInternational Economics, Business English



  • Ph.D. in World Economics, Jilin University, 2000

  • Mater Degree in World Economics , Jilin University,1994




1. The Paths of Chang Ji Tu Pilot Area Leading to the Northeast Asian Market and the Strategic Choice [M] Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2012.

2. The European Union Research [M] Changchun: Jilin University Press, 1998.


1.The Complementarities and Interweaving Between the Chang Ji Tu development Pilot Zone and the Proposed Free Trade Area of ChinaJapan and South Korea. Modern Japanese Economy. 2011(2)

2.Innovation: The Effective Ways to Break the Siege for Current Chinese Enterprises [J] International Trade [J], 2008 (10)...









Ms. Xianli CHEN


Office Phone: 021-68681911-8430

Office: Room 8430, Building NO.8


MBAFinance,Rider University, U.S.A, 2006.5,

Master of Economics (Industry Economics),Shanxi University of Finance and Economics2000.7

Bachelor of Economics(International Trade), Shanxi University1994.7


Publications (editor of books)

Microeconomics, Beijing Forestry University Press, Peking University Press, 2009.1

Introduction to Industrial and Commercial, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press, 2011.7



2006 the University Fund Project - Varying Capital Structure Listed Companies in China and Its Influencing Factors

2011 Backbone Teachers in Private Colleges Research - Based Economy and the Shanghai Industrial Restructuring and Upgrading



International Competitiveness of Chinese Automobile Industry, Business Times, 2009 12

 Bilingual Teaching Model of Finance and Economics Course , Journal of Yangzhou University (Humanities and Social Edition) 2009/01, the first author

Reading the new round of trade protectionism from the perspective of game theory , Jiangsu Business”, 2011.4

The Causes and Countermeasures of China's coastal areas 'Labor Shortage' , Economic Review, 2012.5


Courses Construction

Participated in the Construction of the 2006 Shanghai Key course International Trade Theory and Practice (has already been completed)

Participated in the Construction of the 2008 Shanghai Key course Introduction to Industrial and Commercial building (has already been completed)

Participated in Construction of the 2009 Shanghai English demonstration course Introduction to Industrial and Commercial (has already been completed)

Participated in the Construction of the 2010 Shanghai Key course Macroeconomics (has already been completed)

Presided over Construction of the 2011 Shanghai Key course Microeconomics



Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award third prize (Sino-US cooperation in running schools to develop international business professionals)








Ms. Sanqin HU


Office Phone: 021- 68681625-88432

Office Location:Building 8#, Room 8432



  • Master of Economics ,2007Shanghai University of International Business And Economics

Courses Taught:

  • Simulated Operation for International Trade Practice .International Trade Practices.

  • International Commercial Documents.

  • Declaration Practice

  • International Trade Practice

Research Interests: Processing Trade, Trade Protection Analysis

Research Projects:

  • Shanghai Project supported by the Shanghai excellent young teachers Research on the customs networked supervision mode towards processing trade, 2007

  • Shanghai Private University Research Funding The Study About The Influence of The U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement OnTheEconomics And Trade Cooperation Between KoreaAnd China” 2011


Courses Construction:

  • Sanda Key Course Simulated Operation For International Trade Practice2008

  • Participatein construction of Sanda Key Curriculums InternationalCommercial Documents


Textbooks published:

  • International Trade Practice, China Machine Press, 2013,subeditor

  • CustomAndInspectionDeclaration PracticeTsinghua University Press  2015subeditor











Office phone: 021-20262626-88208

Office Location:Room8208. Building NO.8



1.2007 Bachelor Degree of Arts in EconomicsInternational Business, University of Hull

2.2009 Master Degree of ScienceFinancial ManagementUniversity of Hull.

Courses Taught

1.International Trade Practices

2.Business English Correspondence

3.International Settlement

4.Customs Declaration Practices

Research Project

lResearch on the Transformation of Low Carbon Economy for Manufacturers in Zhejiang Province after Financial Crisisproject supported by Shanghai Excellent Young Teacher Fund.


1.“An Analysis on the Influence of Intercultural Conflicts to International Enterprises, publishes inScience and Technology Innovation Heraldas soleauthor1st January2012;

2.“A Survey Analyzing the Transformation of Low Carbon Economy for Manufacturers in Zhejiang Province”, published inChina Collective Economyas sole author, 5th May, 2014.


l“Excellent Teacher Cup” Bilingual Teaching Competition 2014, third prize.







Ms. Junxian JIANG


Mobile Phone: 138-1798-6734


2007.9-2012.1Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

PH.D graduate of World Economy

2001.9-2004.3Shanghai International Studies University

Master’s degree of International Business

1995.9-1999.7Jiangsu University

Bachelor’s degree of Engineering

Work Experience

2004.3-2013.7Shanghai Sanda University-International Economy and Business Dept. Lecturer

Main courses givenMacroeconomics(bilingual), Microeconomics(bilingual),

International Economics(bilingual),Transnational Management(bilingual),

Business Communication, Business English, English on Economics and Trade,

Business correspondence in International Trade

2001.9-2003.9Continuing Education College of SISUAdvanced spoken English Teacher

1999.8-2001.8China Metals and Minerals Import and Export Corporation

Zhenjiang Trading CompanyAssistant Manager

ŸAssisted the manager to communicate with foreign clients in English

ŸWrote business correspondence

ŸMade and forwarded documents, settled foreign exchange for deals

Training & Contest Experience

2012.8.1-25University of East London

Royal Docks Business SchoolLondon Summer School for Business

ŸCourses AttendedInternational Business, London Financial Markets,

Sports Management and Journalism

2013.1.5Shanghai Association For Non-government Education &

NSW Adult Migrant English Service

Shanghai Private Colleges International Business (Negotiation And Communication

Skills) English Teaching Training and Skills CompetitionThird Prize



2008Shanghai Sanda UniversitySino-US Joint-Educational Project

Excellent teaching achievement awardOutstanding Award

Teaching Skills

Major: Economics, International Business, Cross-cultural communication(Bilingual teaching)

English Proficiency:CET 6 & Certificate ofShanghai Advanced Interpretation

Teacher Qualification Certificate for Higher Education


Responsible, self-motivated, adaptable, good communicator, organizer and team player








Ms. Shaoying LI


Vice Director of Practical Training Center, Business School

Office Phone: 021- 68681643-89879

Office Location:Room 8304, Building NO.8


Education:Master Degree

Courses Taught:Management Information Systems, E-Business

Research:editor, published the textbookManagement Information Systems.









Ms.Fanglin MENG



Candidate of Ph.D., Donghua University College of Management

MA in economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 2008;

Bachelor of economics, Harbin University of Science and Technology, 2003


Courses Taught:

International economic cooperation, management, Business communication and negotiation, political economy


Research Projects:

Fund project for excellent young university teachers, 2008

Scientific Research Project of Private Colleges Teachers, 2011

Fund project of Shanghai Sanda University, 2011









Ms. Haiying MENG


Office Phone: 021-20262626-88428

Office Location:Room 8428, Building NO.8


Background Information

Master of Commerce, 2004, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Bachelor of Economics, 1999, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, China


lCourses taught

International Economics (Bilingual, English)

International Settlement (Bilingual, English)

International Trade Practice


Research Projects

Study on the Construction of the Curriculum System of International Trade Major Based on the Cultivation tf Applied Talents, 2013, Sponsored by Shanghai Institute Of Higher Education

Research on the Development of China's Carbon Trading Market in the Post-Kyoto Era, 2011, Sponsored by the “Outstanding Teachers From Private Colleges” Supporting Fund from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

Research on China’s Current Trade Friction and Its Countermeasures, 2006, Sponsored by Young Teachers’ Training Fund from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission



Study and Practice on “International Trade Practice” Teaching Method Based on the Cultivation of Applied Talents, University Education, December, 2013

The Current Situation of China’s Trade Friction,Market Modernization, 2009, No.19

Reflections on the Bilingual Teaching of International Trade Practice, Journal of Yangzhou University (HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES), 2008, No.3









Mr.Jianjun SHEN


Phone Number: 021-68681741-88428

Office Location:Room 8428, Building NO.8



  • Master of International economics and trade, 2004, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Bachelor of Tourism management , 1999, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Courses Taught:

  • Practice of International trade

  • Theory of International trade

  • International economics

  • Practice of documents.

  • Simulation practice of International trade.


Research Project:Fund project of Shanghai Sanda University, 2013


Publications (articles):

  • Jianjun Shen (2013).  Analysis of fulfillment in “carbon tariff” and our coping strategy.  Journal of Yangzhou universtiy,17, 54-56.

  • Jianjun Shen (2007).  Political risk of enterprise in foreign investment and its avoidance.  Journal of Yangzhou universtiy,11, 64-65.


Book Chapters

·Haiying Meng, Sanqin Hu & Jianjun Shen. (2013).  Practice of International trade, (pp. 1-27). China Machine Press.









Ms. Hongfei YUAN


Office Phone021-20262626-88434

Office LocationRoom 8434, Building NO.8



Ph.D. from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, majored in industrial economics.

She attended Professional Development Workshop at Rider University in July 2013.


Courses Taught

Organizational Behavior, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade in Services, Academic Research and Paper Writing

She also works as teaching assistant of OB and Microeconomics teaching by Rider university professors


Research InterestsIndustry Economics Theory and Policy.


Research Projects

Sanda Reseach Funding International Comparative Studies on Operating mechanism of Venous Industry and its Enlightenment to China, 2011

Shanghai Private University Reseach Funding Development patterns of Venous Industry and China'sinstitutional design, 2011



China's urban venous industry analysis of the status quo and difficulties, Manager's Journal, March, 2013









Mr. Hao ZHU


Office Phone:021-68681407-88430
Office Location: Room 8430, Building NO.8



  • Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 2009University of Central Lancashire;

  • Bachelor of Arts, 2008, International Business CommunicationUniversity of Central Lancashire


Courses Taught:

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management,

  • Customer Relationship Management,

  • Fundamentals of Business

  • Production and Operations Management



  • Zhu Hao (2013). Research in Motivations and Consumer Behavior Analysis of Chinese Consumption Abroad” JournalApril(No 10)

  • Zhu Hao (2015). Feasibility Study on Exploration and Application of China’s Rare Earth Resources, Shanghai Sanda Institute Research and Development (No. 4)


Research Projects:

  • Young Teachers’ Training Fund on “Feasibility Study on Exploration and Application of China’s Rare Earth Resources” (2012)