The Finance major is to cultivate application-oriented talents, mainly train financial professionals for financial institutions. We have made certain achievements in the application and internationalization formed our own professional features and a dual-qualified teaching team, which is also the first dual-qualified teaching team of Shanghai Sanda University. We have 11 full-time teachers, including five professors, 6 lectures, 3Doctors, 8 Masters, and 5 teachers have teaching experiences above 3 years. We established three-dimensional experiment and practice base, established a financial integrated training room and a currency exhibition room. We set up students’ Development Association of Bank and Financial Professional. In 2015, this association has been listed in the first batch of students’ scientific innovation associations of Shanghai. In 2009, we started the career planning curriculum in Shanghai Sanda University. In 2010, we started the entrepreneurship courses, filling the entrepreneurial gaps in Shanghai Sanda University. In 2014, we began to cooperate with the world's top 500 Allianz Group, established deep school-enterprise industry cooperation base, develop curriculum, provide teachers business practice, culture financial professionals that can meet enterprises needs; we focus on teaching material construction and curriculum construction, 12 teaching materials were edited or supervised by the professional teachers, wherein the two were obtained second prize and third prize of Shanghai outstanding textbooks. We have 1 model English course of Shanghai colleges, 5 key courses of Shanghai municipality, 10 key courses of Shanghai Sanda University. In 2009, we were approved with the fourth batch of undergraduate Highland construction project of Shanghai; in 2012, we were approved as a comprehensive major reform site of Shanghai; in 2013, we were approved of the major connotation construction projects of Shanghai.

  The construction of financial major’s training objectives is in line with the needs of society, the graduate employment rate is over 98% over three years. To August 10, 2015, the employment rate of financial major is 98.33%. The influence of Finance is becoming stronger, the industry recognition is getting higher, and the comprehensive quality if the students is enhancing.