Mr. Wenguo LIU


Certified Public Accountant

Phone Number13501709745

Office Location: Room 8236, Building NO.8


Master of Accountancy from Shanghai University of Finance & Economics.

Bachelor’s Degree from Nanchang University.

Causes Taught

Accounting Principles, Financial management, Financial Statement Analysis, International Financial Management and Investments.

Research InterestsCorporate finance and capital market

Working Experiences

He worked as a visiting scholar at the Tianjin University, Beihang University and University of Rhode Island over ten years.

He has taught at Jiangxi University of Finance &Economics, Shanghai Finance university, and served as the vice dean of the school of accounting at Jiangxi University of finance & economics and Shanghai Finance University, he received certificates of Teaching Excellence Awards from above universities.

Research Achievements

Professor Liu is widely published in academic journals. His research papers have appeared in The Journal of Accounting Research, the Journal of Auditing Research, the Journal of finance and economics and the Journal of Chinese University.

He received his best paper award from American decision sciences institute in 2001. His some textbooks are widely used in college classes in many universities.









Ms. Aili SUN

Associate Professor

Phone Number: 15901995456

Office Location: Room8320. Building NO.8  


ŸPhD Candidate, 2015, Donghua University, School of Xuri Industrial and Commercial Administration, Enterprise and Finance Management

ŸMaster, 2002, Fudan University, School of International Finance, International Finance

ŸBachelor, 1996, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, School of Accounting, Accounting

Courses Taught:Cost Accounting, Financial Management, Tax, Auditing  

Course Construction

ŸSanda University, (2012) the key course construction: Cost Accounting

ŸShanghai,(2013), the key course construction: Cost Accounting


ŸComparative study of the implications of corporate financial goals in China, (2012) Commercial Accounting

ŸCorporate strategy and budget performance: analysis of the new energy enterprise comprehensive budget, (2013) Communication of Finance And Accounting  


ŸEditor, western economics (2007), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics press

ŸEditor, Cost accounting (2013), Dalian University of Technology press

Research Projects

ŸShanghai Municipal Education Commission, Innovation projects, (2011) Research on Innovation Countermeasures on the problems about the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Yangtze River Delta










Ms. Dan XU

Associate Professor

Office Phone021-20262626-88310

Office LocationRoom 8310, Building NO.8

EducationMaster of Accounting fromHitotsubashi University Japan

Ph.D. of commerce and management from Hitotsubashi University Japan

Teaching Experiences:

She has been teaching accounting subjects at Hitotsubashi University in Japan and Tongji University in Shanghai.

During 2013, she has been teaching Cost Management (Management Accounting) at school of business of Clarkson University in USA.


1.XU Dan, foreign Costing Differences and Countermeasures under the Antidumping Accounting, Finance and Accounting Monthly, January 2012. National Chinese core journals.

2.XU Dan, Japan-US Cost Accounting Standards Comparison and Inspiration, accounting communications, in 2013 on the first three. National Chinese core journals.

3.XU Dan, Corporate Energy Costs Measurement Research Accounting, Finance and Accounting, in January 2014. National Chinese core journals, CSSCI extended version of source journals.

4.XU Dan, Analysis of the Energy Costs Accounting Based on the Energy Flow , Accounting Issue in February 2014. National Chinese core journals.

5.[Japan]XU Dan,Different Costing Criteria for Different Purposes, included in the bookJapanese Management Accounting Research” published by Japanese Central Economic Society published, in August 2015.

6.MonographXU Dan, Research on Public Capital Investment Budget, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, January 2016.

Research Projects

1.In September 2009, XU's team got the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission scientific research and innovation project approval, project number: 10ZS230, Zhejiang exporting SMEs cost and pricing strategy, XU is the project leader. It has already been completed. Their achievement rated as the first prize inthe first session ofthe outstanding scientific achievement award of Shanghai Sanda College Division 2012 to 2013

2.In December 2009, XU's team got Shanghai exemplary Construction College English teaching course Management Accounting project from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, XU is the project leader. It has already been completed.

3.In June 2012, XU's team got the project from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the Shanghai Private Colleges teachers scientific research, cost accounting research of export enterprises to deal with anti-dumping lawsuits” project, XU is the project leader. It has already been completed.

4.In May 2015, XU's team got the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission 2015 annual Shanghai exemplary Construction of College English teaching course Financial Accounting project, XU is the project leader.

International Seminars and Lectures:

1. Xu Dan was invited by Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan to take part in the Hitotsubashi University International Forum during Aug.16~31,2015 and gave a report on: Environmental Management Accounting: Theoretical Analysis and Chinese Practices

2. During 5/29/2016~6/3/2016, Xu Dan was invited to take part in the 9th Frankfurt international Week in Business Studies, and gave two lectures on 1). Costing Methods and Strategic Cost Management2). Trends in cost management in Asian Enterprises.









Ms. Shuxian CHEN

Associate Professor
Phone Number: 15802141716
Office Location:Room8324. Building NO.8


  • Master, 2001, Chinese University of Mining and Technology, school of management, accounting

  • Bachelor, 1998, Chinese University of Mining and Technology, school of management, accounting

Undertaking courses

  • Basic accounting, intermediate financial accounting, accounting practice

Undertaking course construction

  • Sanda University, (2012) the key course construction: Accounting Practice,

  • Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, (2015) the key course construction: Accounting Practice,  


  • How to build an anti-dumping accounting system for foreign trade enterprises, (2009) Commercial Accounting

  • The construction of anti-dumping accounting self-assessment system, (2011) Finance and accounting monthly

  • Misunderstanding of cost accounting in anti-dumping litigation-responding enterprise, (2011) Communication of Finance and Accounting

  • Applied undergraduate accounting education under the international background, (2011) Commercial Accounting

  • Difficulties and Suggestions to supply chain financing in SMEs, (2013) Finance and accounting monthly

  • Accounting practice and financial impact of accounts receivable factoring in SMEs, (2014) Finance and accounting monthly

  • Construction of anti-dumping self-evaluation cost accounting system in export-oriented enterprises, (2015) Finance and accounting monthly


  • Participated in the first edition of basic accounting (2004), second edition (2009), China Machine Press

  • Editor, basic accounting (2013), tsinghua university press

Research project

  • Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Innovation projects, (2011) the construction of anti-dumping accounting monitoring system for foreign trade enterprise







Mr. Yuyu ZHANG

Assistant director of the Department of Accounting

LecturerAuditor & Statistician

Office Phone:021-20262626-88316

Office Location:Room 8316Building NO.8

EducationMaster from Shanghai University

Courses Taught:AuditingAdvanced financial accounting, Entrepreneurial finance











Office Phone021-20262626-8208

Office LocationRoom 8208, Building NO.8

As a teacher of Accounting, Ms.Li graduated from Tongji University

Causes TaughtCost Accounting, Accounting Practice, Basic Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting

Research InterestsAccounting









Ms. Ying ZHU


Office Phone:021-68681911-88318

Office Location:Room 8318, Building NO.8

Education:Master Degree from University of Malta

Courses Taught:Advanced financial management, Internal control of business


lA comparative study of Chinese accounting standards and international accounting standards, Communication of Finance and Accounting, No.16, 2011

lResearch on the differences between Chinese accounting standards and international accounting standards, Commercial Accounting, No.19, 2011

Academic Research Programs:

l2012 Shanghai Private Colleges Teachers' Scientific Research Project: A comparative study of private colleges accounting system between China and America

l2007 Shanghai Outstanding Young Teacher Selection Fund Project: A comparative study of Chinese and western accounting standards









Ms. Weiwei LIU

Teaching Assistant

Office Phone021-20262626-88206

Office Location: Room 8206Building NO.8

Education: Master of Economics

Courses Taught:

Basic Accounting, Tax, Financial Regulations and Accounting Professional Ethics etc

Research Interests: Financial Management


Research on the Investment of China charity foundation

The accrual accounting in our country government comprehensive consolidated

financial reporting issues research investment


The Cconstruction of a New System of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise

Aaccounting Information Disclosure

Camp to Increase the Impact on the Marine Logistics Industry