Training objectives

We focus on training the talents to meet the market demand, to take social responsibility, develop comprehensively in virtue, intelligence, physical and aesthetics, master management, marketing, economic, legal and other aspects of knowledge, with the ability of a professional market analysis, the technology and capacity of grasp the market, with excellent English communication ability, be capable of all types of enterprises’ and institutions’ market analysis, marketing management and marketing planning.

Main courses

Principles of Management, Consumer Behavior (bilingual), marketing, international marketing (bilingual), corporate strategic management, marketing planning, sales management, services marketing, market research and forecasting, human resource management, advertising, distribution channel management, macroeconomics, microeconomics, introduction to accounting, applied statistics, management information systems, financial management, business law, marketing, combat simulation, organizational marketing, business simulation competition.


Bachelor of Management

Skills certificate can be obtained

Marketing planner’s certificate

The employment rate over the years

2008: 100%; 2009: 98%; 2010: 97%; 2011: 99%; 2012: 95%; 2013: 98%; 2014: 98%; 2015: 97.73%.

Employment concentrations

International trade enterprises, multinational corporations, government departments, international financial institutions.

Employment fields

Market consulting, business services, information networks, production companies, marketing planning, sales management, customer service, branding, market research and so on in trade logistics or securities and banks.

Employment units over the years

FAW-Volkswagen Shanghai, Chia Tai Group, Starbucks Restaurant Group, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Textile Holding Group, China Life Insurance, Shanghai Greenland Group, Shanghai Chuan education and cultural Ltd., Shanghai Foreign Service Company.