Mr. Junjin CAO


Office Phone:021-20262626-88334

Office Location:Room 8334. Building NO.8


Candidate of PhD in Law

East China University of Political Science and Law

Courses Taught:

Economic Law, International Law


[1]Cao Junjin, A Decision on Carbon Tax in the Context of China’s Energy Development Towards a low Carbon Transition, Tianjin Legal Science, 2016(2).

[2] Cao Junjin, Ruan Zanlin, Empirical Analysis on Application of Punitive Damages Clauses in Food Safety Law, Tianjin Legal Science, 2015(2).

[3] Cao Junjin, Ruan Zanlin, On Adding the Cause of Action for Dispute over Food Safety, Journal of Shanghai Business School, 2015(2).

[4] Cao Junjin, Ren Hu, A discussion on the valid standard of refusal notice under ucp600, Journal of East China University of Science and Technology, 2014(6).

[5]Cao Junjin, On the Improvement of China's Legislation of Foreign Aid. Tianjin Legal Science, 2014(3).

[6]Cao Junjin, On the Evaluation Mechanism of Aid for Trade in WTO and its Inspiration for China`s Foreign Aid, Global Review, 2014(2).











Dean Assistant of the Law Department

Education:Master of International Law

Courses taught:

International Business Law, International Trade Law, International Economic Law, International Private Law and Economic Law .

Research Projects:

Ms. Jiang participated in the construction of the school’s “economic law” key courses. She undertaked the projects of “Research on the Legal Problems of the Sino-ASEAN Reciprocal Investment under CAFTA Framework”.


“Research on Opportunity and Challenge of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area”.








Ms. Yingfan TAN


EducationMaster of International Law

Courses Taught

Economic law, Commercial Law, Marriage and family law, Labor and social security law, International Commercial Arbitration Law

Research Projects:

2012 Fellowship for faculty from Shanghai private universities: Legal Regulations on Restricting Competitive Behaviors by Industry Association

Sanda University Key Course: Economic law









Mr. Xiaomin YAN



Ph. D. of East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai.

Courses Taught: civil law, economic law, financial law


1 Legal History of U.S. securities law: a case study of the Securities Act of 1933’s mandatory disclosure institution, Ph. D. Dissertation, East China University of political science and law, 2010 June.

2  ‘TRUSTEESHIP FORESTATION’: legal relationship research , Journal of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION), (CSSCI Extended Edition), 2010 Third.

3 The development of financial Law in China, Productivity Studies, Chinese core journal, 2009 second.

Research Project

The scientific research project of private colleges and universities 2012: “The Contemporary Value of Public/Private Law Divide”.