Mr. Yiqing YANG

Dean, Professor


Office Phone: 021-20262626-88402

Office Location: Room 8402, Building NO.8



Master Degree, Department of Economics Management, Fudan University

Bachelor Degree, Department of Trade and Economic, Shanghai Finance and Economics University

Working Experience:

Director of Business Management Department, Deputy Director and Director of Business Economics Department, Shanghai Cadre School of Financial and Commercial Management;

Director of the Admissions Employment Office, Dean of Business Economics Department, Shanghai Commercial Vocational Technical College;

Dean of Continuing Education School, Shanghai Business School.

Research Works:

Professor Yang was a editor for books including Management of Commercial Enterprises, Comprehensive Quality Management of Commercial Enterprises, Super Marketing ;

He was the Deputy Editor-in-Chief for books including Economics of Commodities Circulation, Strategy and Tactics of Enterprise Marketing, Principle of Chain Administration;

He was the Chief Editor for books including Administration Strategy for Modern Circulation Enterprise, Chain Management Principles and Technology;

He is the author of Commercial Merchandising Practice.

His research Teaching Reform for the Cooperated Schools of Adult Higher Education won the Shanghai-level Second Teaching Achievement Prize.

Social Service

Professor Yang was one of the former Shanghai senior business management division judges, a team leader of the Adult college entrance examination Expert in Shanghai, a special proposition expert of Shanghai qualification examination center, a specialist of Shanghai Business Enterprise Management Association training program, a member of the Defense Committee for Business Management Master's degree thesis in Shanghai Finance and Economics Universitya member of the Economy and Management Committee in the National Self-Taught Examination.

Professor Yang had served as senior adviser for a number of commercial companies, participated in or presided over business development planning on Municipal level or District level, business enterprise strategic planning, internal systems Construction for business Group, Shanghai Northwest Logistics Jiangqiao Park Planning, Commercial development plan of Huaibei City, connotation construction of Shanghai Adult Higher Education, Shanghai buyers subject research reports, study of business integrity long-term mechanism, definition and promotion of the modern service industry, study of Shanghai modern service industry, consumption of prepaid card regulation researches.




Ms. Shuxian CHEN

Vice Dean, Associate Professor
Phone Number: 15802141716
Office Location: Room 8324. Building NO.8


  • Master, 2001, Chinese University of Mining and Technology, school of management, accounting

  • Bachelor, 1998, Chinese University of Mining and Technology, school of management, accounting

Undertaking courses

  • Basic accounting, intermediate financial accounting, accounting practice

Undertaking course construction

  • Sanda University, (2012) the key course construction: Accounting Practice,

  • Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, (2015) the key course construction: Accounting Practice


  • How to build an anti-dumping accounting system for foreign trade enterprises, (2009) Commercial Accounting

  • The construction of anti-dumping accounting self-assessment system, (2011) Finance and accounting monthly

  • Misunderstanding of cost accounting in anti-dumping litigation-responding enterprise, (2011) Communication of Finance and Accounting

  • Applied undergraduate accounting education under the international background, (2011) Commercial Accounting

  • Difficulties and Suggestions to supply chain financing in SMEs, (2013) Finance and accounting monthly

  • Accounting practice and financial impact of accounts receivable factoring in SMEs, (2014) Finance and accounting monthly

  • Construction of anti-dumping self-evaluation cost accounting system in export-oriented enterprises, (2015) Finance and accounting monthly


  • Participated in the first edition of basic accounting (2004), second edition (2009), China Machine Press

  • Editor, basic accounting (2013), tsinghua university press

Research project

  • Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Innovation projects, (2011) the construction of anti-dumping accounting monitoring system for foreign trade enterprise




Ms. Lei WANG

Vice Dean, Associate Professor


Phone Number: 021-68681411-8312
Office Location: Room 8312. Building NO.8


  • Master of Accounting, Shandong Agriculture University, 2002

  • Bachelor of Accounting, University of Albany, Psychology,1995

Publications (books):

  • Financial Management Theory and Practice, China Economic Publishing House,1998, the Fourth Author

  • Business Accounting Basics, China Higher Education Press, 2011, Associate Editor

  • Business Accounting Basics, Tsinghua University press, 2013, Editor


  • The Necessity of Retail Business for Small and Medium Banks, Market Modernization, Dec. 2005

  • Yangtze River Delta Financial Interaction Practice Forms, Group Economy, Feb.2006

  • Causes Analysis of Sino-US Accounting Codes Difference, Market Modernization, Feb.2006

  • Establishment of Accounting Mechanism for Global Anti-Dumping Practice, Communication of Finance and Accounting, June 2006

  • Application of New Accounting Codes in Anti-Dumping Accounting, , Group Economy, Nov. 2007

  • Establishment of Assessment and Control Mechanism for Material Misstatement, Special Zone Economy, April 2009

  • Latest Development of Carbon Disclosure Abroad and Its Suggestion for China, Ecological Economy, Oct. 2013

  • The Present Situation and Suggestions about China Carbon Accounting from the perspective of Low Carbon Economy, Greeting Accounting, Sept. 2015

Research Project:

  • Comparative Analysis of Bank Card Business between Shanghai and Hong Kong, The Third Class Award of China Investment Society, 2001

  • Establishment of Accounting Mechanism for Global Anti-Dumping Practice, Shanghai Project Funds for Outstanding Young Teachers

  • Key Curriculum Construction of Intermediate Financial Accounting, Key Curriculum Construction Sponsored by Shanghai Municipal EducationCommission, the Second Class Award of Sanda University

  • Key Curriculum Construction of Financial Management, Key Curriculum Construction Sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, The Second Class Award of Sanda University

  • Key Curriculum Construction of Primary Accounting, 2009~2011

  • Key Curriculum Construction of Primary Accounting, Key Curriculum Construction Sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, The First Class Award of Sanda University

  • Research for Constructing Carbon Accounting System in Low-Carbon Economy, Innovation Project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 2012

  • SME Financing Strategy Research with Supply Chain Finance Perspective, Construction Project for Significant Area Sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission





Ms. Haifang MA

Assistant to Dean, Lecturer


Office Phone: +86-21-20262626-88404

Office Location: Room 8404Building NO.8

Mailing Address:2727 Jinhai Rd.,Pudong, Shanghai 201209, P.R.China


2011--2012 MBA, Rider University, the U.S.A

1999--2002 M.A.of English Linguistics, Sun Yat-sen University, China

1991--1995 B.A. of English, Henan University, China

Working Experience

2008--present Business School, Sanda University

          Lecturer of Marketing Department

Assistant to Dean, in charge of international exchange and cooperation, and bilingual teaching management

2003--2008 Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Languages Institute

                  Lecturer of English Department

2002--2003 Shanghai Uniracing Co.,Ltd.

Assistant to General Manager

1995--1999 Henan University of Science and Technology

Instructor of English Department

Courses Taught

Introduction to Business, Doing Business in China, Marketing Simulation, International Marketing, Human Resources Management.

She has taught in Finland as part of Sanda’s partnership with Centria University of Applied Sciences and Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences.

Research Interests

Adoption and Diffusion of New Media in Marketing, Human Resources Management in SMEs and Multinational Companies.




Assistant to Dean, Lecturer


Office phone: 021-20262626-88208

Office Location: Room 8208. Building NO.8


  1. 2007 Bachelor Degree of Arts in EconomicsInternational Business, University of Hull

  2. 2009 Master Degree of ScienceFinancial ManagementUniversity of Hull.

Courses Taught

  1. International Trade Practices

  2. Business English Correspondence

  3. International Settlement

  4. Customs Declaration Practices

Research Project

  • Research on the Transformation of Low Carbon Economy for Manufacturers in Zhejiang Province after Financial Crisisproject supported by Shanghai Excellent Young Teacher Fund.


  1. An Analysis on the Influence of Intercultural Conflicts to International Enterprises, publishes in Science and Technology Innovation Herald as sole author 1st January 2012;

  2. A Survey Analyzing the Transformation of Low Carbon Economy for Manufacturers in Zhejiang Province”, published in China Collective Economy as sole author, 5th May, 2014.


  • Excellent Teacher Cup” Bilingual Teaching Competition 2014, third prize.