The Promotion Exhibition for Overseas Advancement of Master Degree Programs is Carried out Smoothly and Successfully on the Homecoming Day for Graduating Students

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The Promotion Exhibition for Overseas Advancement of Master Degree Programs sponsored by International Exchange & Cooperation Office and jointly organized with Office of Student Career Guidance was carried out smoothly and successfully on the homecoming day for the graduating students on the afternoon of March 24th, 2021. Representatives from 42 overseas universities (including 11 intercollegiate cooperation universities) from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and others participated in the event which is a good opportunity for them to provide on-site face-to-face guidance services to  Sanda students coming for consultation.

The Promotion Exhibition for Overseas Advancement of Master Degree Programs has two sub-venues for institutional introduction with academic presentation and student consultation, displaying different service functions, providing a good opportunity for Sanda students to learn about the basic facts and conditions of the foreign higher institutions concerned and receive one-to-one and face-to-face consultation on studying overseas. Before the start of the introduction and presentation, Ms. Li Li, Special Assistant to the President and also Director of the International Exchange & Cooperation Office, and Ms. Jianping Zhang, Director of Office of Student Career Guidance  welcomed the foreign institution representatives and Sanda students present to the event and expressed the original intention of holding it which is to create more choices and opportunities for senior students facing grim employment situation and provide professional and efficient Q&A and guidance for junior students considering and planning their career so that they could yield twice the result with half the effort in their future employment application, hoping to take advantage of the communication and consultation platform of this promotion exhibition.

According to the statistics of the on-site head-counts at the presentation and consultation records, about 120 students came to participate in the event. Mr. Jia, a junior student from Shengxiang School of Business Administration majoring Financial Management said “I have had a comprehensive understanding of the admission requirements and some understanding about the exemption policy for professional certificates, through the consultation with the representatives from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.” Some junior and lower students in an interview on the event also expressed that they could have a more comprehensive understanding of the application requirements of the foreign institutions offering master’s degree for international students, from the details to what materials need to be prepared, by participating this activity, could have a clearer direction for their future career planning, and at the same time, felt a great sense of urgency, because they knew that they still needed to work hard. In addition to interviews with students, representatives of the foreign institutions were also invited to give feedback on the activities.  Mr. Yijiang Feng, a representative of the University of Queensland, said: I heard that this is Sanda’s first promotion exhibition for overseas postgraduate education, but the on-site experience is far better than that of a first timer. The University takes the meticulous care in the planning and organization of the event. The consultation at my booth is almost non-stop, and the outcome has exceeded my expectations.  Mr. Weiping Hu, a faculty member from Lincoln University, said: I sincerely wish that the promotion exhibition of overseas postgraduate education will become a regular annual activity in the future. As an inter-collegiate cooperative partner institution representative, I am very willing to take advantage of this opportunity to provide consulting services for your students. The atmosphere at the event was warm, and the feedback on the outcome of the event was satisfying.

Author: Jie SHEN, International Exchange & Cooperation Office

Translator: Lianping HE