The Lecture Presentation By Keele University

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Ms. Ziyu Zhang, an admissions officer of Keele University, UK, came to our campus on the afternoon of March 23, 2021 at the special invitation from International Exchange & Cooperation Office to give a lecture presentation to the students of Shengxiang School of Business Administration on overseas advancement of master’s degree programs, which attracted the active participation of junior students from finance, international trade, financial management, law and other majors.

Ms. Ziyu Zhang first gave a brief introduction to the basic situation of Keele University, and also later elaborated on the admission requirements for master’s degree advancement, tuition, living expenses, scholarships, and etc. for studying at Keele University.  After the lecture, the students asked a series of questions about application confusion, scholarship requirements, language class application, IELTS preparation, and exemption rules for professional certificates (such as ACCA), which were answered by Ms. Ziyu Zhang with patience and in detail.

Ms. Li Li, Director of International Exchange & Cooperation Office, Ms. Minyun Chen, Secretary of CPC Party Branch, Shengxiang School of Business Administration, and Mr. Yuyu Zhang, Deputy Dean of Department of Accounting also participated in this lecture presentation. Ms. Minyun Chen said, prior to the activity, that the lecture presentation provided a good opportunity for students to have close contact with the admission officers of foreign colleges and universities. She hoped that the students could double cherish this opportunity, think more about their future, and do more planning for their future career. Ms. Li Li expressed that the Office of International Cooperation would always be in line with the principles of serving students, do its utmost to help students find high-quality overseas institutions of higher learning, and recommend suitable resources for students to conduct further studies. She also hoped that the students could pay more attention to the official website and WeChat public account of the Office of International Cooperation in the future, and come to visit the office (#337, Building 10, Jihai Campus) for consultation and information. A student majoring financial management said that she benefited a great deal from this lecture presentation, and learned how to prepare relevant materials for overseas master's degree application. She hoped that the Office of International Cooperation could sponsor and organize more similar lecture activities in the future.

Author: Wenyi XU, International Exchange & Cooperation Office

Translator: Lianping HE