Shaoquan Vocational Education and Training Co., Ltd. under Anhui Sino-German Innovation Development Fund Co., Ltd. Coming to Sanda to Deliver a Promotion Presentation on Sino-German Nursing Talented Personnel Training Program

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Ms. Wenhuan Qin, Project Manager and Ms. Ting Zhu, Program Officer of Shaoquan Vocational Education and Training Co., Ltd. under Anhui Sino-German Innovation Development Fund Co., Ltd. came to Sanda (Jinhai Campus) on April 8th, 2021 to deliver a promotional presentation on Sino-German Nursing Talented Personnel Training Program for Sanda students in the class of Year 2000 to go to Germany to conduct further studies with employment opportunities. Dr. Yan Xu, Dean of the School of International Medical Technology, Dr. Fanglei Chen, a full-time faculty member of the Department of Nursing, Ms. Li Li, Director of the International Exchange & Cooperation Office, and other relevant staff attended the presentation.

Dr. Yan Xu,before the start of the presentation, expressed her warm welcome to Ms. Wenhuan Qin and Ms. Ting Zhu for coming to visit Sanda. She also mentioned that she and other relevant faculty members had already made a preliminary study before this presentation to better understand the advantages of the project and the application process. She pointed out that the project provided a new employment direction for nursing students and also gave them new choices in their future career planning.

Ms. Ting Zhu, during this one-and-a half-hour long presentation, introduced the basic situation of Anhui Sino-German Innovation and Development Fund, the application process of Sino-German nursing project, application qualifications, living in Germany, employment prospects and challenges to the students. Ms. Ting Zhu, using real cases of Chinese students going to study and work in Germany, encouraged the students to dare to challenge themselves, to learn well German language and German advanced nursing knowledge and skills, to go overseas and return to China with advanced nursing technologies and concepts, and to open a new chapter in Sino-Germany education exchanges.

Dr. Fanglei Chen, after the presentation, obtained a good understanding from Ms. Ting Zhu on the detailed explanation and information about the qualifications of the students to be nurses in Germany, the career promotion mechanism, and the types of hospitals they could work for. Ms. Li Li also had a brief exchange of ideas and opinions with Ms. Wenhuan Qin and Ms. Ting Zhu. Both sides sincerely hoped that the project could expand overseas employment and further study channels for nursing students, and join hand-in-hand in promoting exchange, internship and employment opportunities of medical and nursing talented personnel between China and Germany.

Author: Wenyi XU, International Exchange & Cooperation Office

Translator: Lianping HE