The Promotion Presentation On EADA Business School Barcelona is Successfully Conducted

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Dr. Jian Sun, a visiting professor and international consultant from EADA Business School Barcelona (Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración) came to visit Sanda University on April 14th, 2021 to give a promotion presentation to the students from Shengxiang School of Business Administration, School of Management, and School of Foreign Languages on further study opportunities for a master’s degree in Spain. Ms. Li Li, Director of International Exchange & Cooperation Office and other officers attended the event.

Professor Sun, During her one-hour presentation, introduced EADA's school profile, major types, cost of living, transportation facilities, application process, application materials, and etc., as well as the life, study and employment situation of the previous Chinese students in Spain, showing their elegant demeanor in both pictures and texts. She went further on to emphasize the fact that EADA enjoys multi-culture integration, and high ranking among numerous business schools in the world, and that the students could not only obtain from EADA the business and financial professional knowledge and skills, but also interact face-to-face with well-known corporate executives, combining the professional knowledge and skills they have learned with the actual workplace practice, and helping students for their future job search.

Ms. Li Li said, after the presentation, that the International Exchange & Cooperation Office is actively preparing a series of promotion presentations for students, and hoped that students from different schools and majors could find the introduced international institutions of higher learning suitable or desirable to all of them, or, in another word, to discover the best path that works best for them in facing employment, domestic postgraduate entrance examinations, and seeking overseas master degree opportunities.

                                                                                              Author: XU Wenyi Translator: HE Lianping