Three Students Won the Third Prize in the National Mathematics Competition for College Students

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2021-05-07Views:10

Recently, the winners of the 12th National Mathematics Competition for College Students and “Higher Education Society Cup”, namely the 12th Shanghai Mathematics Competition for College Students, were announced. Students Zhou Chenhang, Cheng Fenghan and Dong Shuai of our school won the third prize both nationally and in Shanghai, and student Jiang Sisi won the third prize in Shanghai.

The National College Students’ Mathematical Contest, sponsored by the Chinese mathematical society, is for college students of year 1 or year 2, aiming to increase college students’ learning interest in mathematics, analysis, problem solving skills, and provide a stage to show their basic knowledge and thinking ability.

This year, with the strong support of the school, the mathematics teaching and research office actively launched and organized students to sign up for the competition. Before the competition, the Mathematics Teaching and Research Office carried out 11 thematic online tutorials in summer vacation to provide guidance and answer questions. In September 2020, the university held the “2020 Advanced Mathematics Competition of Shanghai Sanda University” and selected ten students to participate in the municipal competition.