Students from Shengxiang Business School Won the Second Prize in the College Business Elite Challenge

Publisher:曹晓颖Delivery time:2021-05-07Views:10

On April 17th, Shanghai Ocean University hosted the 2021 Shanghai Higher Education Business Elite Challenge, co-organized by the Commercial Industry Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. The students from the Department of International Economics and Trade of our school took part in the competition as a team and won the second prize, the third prize and the winning prize respectively.

College Business Elite Challenge International Trade Professional Competition is a cross-professional training and innovative practice platform in the field of higher business education in China. It is the largest and highest level international trade professional live event activity. With 45 teams from 14 universities in Shanghai taking part in the competition, both the number and the scale of the participants have reached a record high.

In this competition, students simulated small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, involving consumer goods, textile and clothing and other fields. From the perspective of enterprises participating in the exhibition, students provided enterprises with brand marketing planning and overseas promotion programs. According to the working process of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises participating in the economic and trade exhibition, students were required to conduct practical simulation of five parts, including exhibition plan, booth poster design and commodity display, new product launch, trade match trade negotiation and post-exhibition summary report.