Students from the Department of Environmental Design Won the First Prize in the “Huichuang Youth” Activity

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On April 22nd, the 6th Huichuang Youth Shanghai College Students’ Cultural and Creative Works Exhibition was held in Tongji University Museum, organized by Shanghai Municipal Committee of Education and Health Affairs, and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Students from the Department of Environmental Design of our university organized a team to participate in the competition, and a total of 8 works were shortlisted for the exhibition. Among them, Zhan Yan's work “Book Stations -- Design of Beijing Inherited Quadrangle Bookstore” won the first prize.

The activity can be divided into nine categories, among which the environmental design competition is undertaken by Tongji University. Since March, more than 30 experts participated in selecting 168 works from hundreds of pieces into the finals through online reviews around the concept of “sustainable development”, urban residential environment design, forward-looking, creative, integrity, technical, cultural, artistic, display and application value of comprehensive consideration of work.

Our school students carefully designed innovative works with the guidance of teachers, and achieved excellent results in this competition. Fan Lingyan, the teacher who led the team, mentioned that in addition to the design works, the students also participated in the opening ceremony of the exhibition and visited other award-winning works. She hoped that by participating in such activities, the students could broaden their horizons, improve their design skills and creativity, and promote the integration of specialization and innovation.