Shanghai Sanda University was originally founded in June 1992 by professors from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Peking University and Tsinghua University, as the first full-time private institution of higher learning in Shanghai, under the background of the development and opening up of the Shanghai Pudong District, was officially named “Shanghai Sanda University” approved by Shanghai Higher Education Bureau in August 1992, and started its first enrollment of students nationwide in the autumn that year. It was approved and recognized by China State Education Commission in February 1994 as an officially established and registered higher education institution, and further on, was approved and endorsed by the Ministry of Education in March 2002 as a full-time regular undergraduate institution, which is the first undergraduate private institution of higher learning in Shanghai. The University was authorized by Shanghai Academic Degrees Committee as a higher education institution to confer bachelor’s degree in August 2005. It passed the qualification assessment of undergraduate teaching work by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2015.

We, leaders, faculty and staff members of the University, in the 28 years since its establishment, strictly abides by the principles that the education of the institution is for the public welfare and always in the non-profit nature, adheres to the school-running philosophy of “To win the trust of the society with rigorous education management, and to repay the society with higher education quality. With all the above-mentioned in mind, we have established a democratic and systematic mechanism for the University in which the board of directors is the top authority, the president is the chief executive officer, the CPC committee provides the institution with the core guarantee, and faculty members govern academic teaching and learning. We have positioned the target of our University to become a multidisciplinary, international, high-level applied and technological institution of higher learning, and cultivate high-quality application-oriented and talented personnel needed for the economic and social development.

The University has two campuses, one in the Pudong District of Shanghai and the other in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, covering a total area of 133 acres with a building area of 3,875,000 square feet, a more than 411 million USD worth of teaching equipment, and 1.58 million paper books in the library. The University has 8 academic fields of study including Economics, Law, Literature, Engineering, Management, Art, Medicine and Education, offering 40 undergraduate majors and 6 junior college majors. The University has a good number of schools including Shengxiang School of Business, School of Management, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Foreign Languages, School of Art Design and Media, School of International Medical Technology, School of Education, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jiashan Guangbiao School, School of Marxism, Hudong Engineering College, Office of Physical Education, and School of Continuing Education. Currently, there are more than 640 full-time faculty members working for the university, 32.7% of them own the professional title of associate professor or above, and 92.9% have received the master’s or higher level of education, teaching and serving a total student enrollment of more than 15,000 full-time students (including more than 14,000 undergraduates). The University has cultivated more than 50,000 talented personnel of different types at different levels.

Sanda University has, in cooperation with large and medium sized enterprises, established School of Fashion, School of Marriott Hotel Management, CLPS School, Huawei ICT School, School of Sugon Big Data, School of Creation and Entrepreneurship and others to carry out teaching training and graduation design, and jointly build practical teaching bases, and to form an industry-university cooperative education pattern of diversified subjects, flexible models, active interaction, and social satisfaction. Sanda has, with government-support special funds and self-owned matching funds investment, accomplished more than 90 disciplinary-connotation related construction projects. As a result, it now owns a Comprehensive Experiment and Training Teaching and Learning Center, a Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Experimental Teaching and Learning Center, a Modern Medical Technology Comprehensive Experimental Center, a Hotel Management Experimental Teaching and Learning Center, as well as more than 140 teaching-learning laboratories of various specialties.

Sanda University, drawing on the international school-running model, has cooperated with foreign partner institutions to jointly develop a talented personnel training plan for cooperative school-running projects, implemented mutual recognition of credits, introduced foreign faculty members and outstanding teachers with international backgrounds, formed Chinese and foreign teaching teams, utilized international high-quality curriculum resources, and reformed teaching content, teaching approach, and assessment methods. The University has successively signed intercollegiate cooperation and exchange agreements, and established cooperative programs with 99 higher institutions in 23 countries and regions, and these cooperative and exchange programs are shared by all its schools. For example:

1. The University entered into a cooperative relationship with Rider University in New Jersey, USA in 2002 to establish an undergraduate articulation program for Sanda students in the field of International Economy and Trade;

2. The University entered into a cooperative relationship with the Netherlands International Butler Academy in 2016 to carry out advanced butler course training;

3. The University, taking advantage of the educational resources of the Chartered Institute of Technology in Singapore, cooperated with the Royal Institute of Chartered Management Accountants in the United Kingdom in 2016 to carry out the financial management (majoring CIMA) class teaching program;

Sanda University has, over the years, won numerous honorary titles and awards including the honor of being a construction unit for Academic Major with Special Features at National Level, the honor of undertaking Undergraduate Teaching Project, a national off-campus practical education base for college students, and also one of the first experimental education bases for Shanghai university innovation and entrepreneurship, the honors of undertaking Shanghai First-class Undergraduate Construction Leading Plan Cultivation Project, Shanghai Key Undergraduate Teaching Reform Project, Comprehensive Major Reform Pilot Project, and Application-oriented Undergraduate Higher Institution Pilot Academic Majors, the First and Second Prize for Shanghai Teaching Achievements for Sanda’s excellent courses, key courses, English exemplary courses, and excellent textbooks, being selected to undertake Shanghai Famous Teacher and Overseas Famous Teacher projects, being designated to be the Pilot Unit for Secondary-higher Vocational and Secondary Vocational-Undergraduate Articulation Cultivation Mode, the First Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Party Building, Ideological and Political Work in all Private Colleges and Universities in China, and many others.

Sanda University has also won many various honorary titles and awards including being the founding and demonstration institution of Shanghai private institution of higher learning, being among the first batch of pilot units to implement the construction of modern university system in Shanghai, being among the first batch of member institutions of China University (College) of Applied Technology Alliance, being an initiator and member of National Non-profit Private University Alliance, being among the first batch of pilot institutions of Data China's Hundred Schools Project , being among the first batch of members of  Excellent Innovation Alliance under School Planning and Construction Development Center of Ministry of Education,  the honorary title of National Advanced Non-governmental Organization, being rated  “Five A unit of Chinese social organizations, and Excellent Private Higher Education Institutions in China, being a National Demonstration Unit of Open and Democratic Management of Factory Affairs, the Shanghai Municipal “May 1st” Labor Award, the honorary titles of Shanghai Civilized Campus 2017-2018 (first session), Shanghai Civilized Unit (2003-present), Shanghai Municipal Model Institution Governing by Law,and etc., the honorary title of Shanghai Municipal Advanced Grass Roots CPC Party Organization granted by Shanghai Municipal CPC Party Committee to Sanda University CPC Party Committee, the honorary title of Striving for Excellence - Pioneering Action of World Expo, Five Good Grassroots CPC Party Organization and many others.

The University is devoted, for the life-long development of every student, to strengthen its management, encourage students to enhance their self-confidence and independent learning ability, to make their foreign language and computer skills their strong suits, and to cultivate them to possess basic abilities such as team spirit and fine inter-personal communication skills. Sanda students have made outstanding achievements in various discipline competitions at all levels and won a large number of awards in national, provincial and municipal competitions. The average employment rate of graduates from the university in the past three years is 98%, which is higher than that of similar institutions of higher learning in the entire city of Shanghai.