ZHU Shaozhong, Chairman of Board of Trustees, Party Secretary

Professor, doctoral supervisor, researcher in automotive internal combustion engine technology and German contemporary political, economic and European Union issues, with extensive experience in higher education administrations at Tongji University and Donghua University.

Former Second and First secretaries in the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany from 1989 through 1993.

Former Assistant to the President of Tongji University, also served at Tongji as Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office, Dean of the School of Vocational and Technical Education, Dean of the School of International Cultural Exchange, Director of the Human Resources Division and Director of Personnel Exchange Service Center, Director of the German Academic Exchange Center, Director of the German Studies Institute, and Chief Editor of the German Research Journal.

Former Party Secretary of Donghua University from Feb. 2007 through Nov. 2012.

CHEN Yiyi, President

Professor, doctoral supervisor, researcher in structural engineering, served at Tongji University as Director of the Steel Structure Teaching and Research Division, Dean of the Civil Engineering College, Dean of the Graduate School, Executive Vice President of Tongji University, Member of the Standing Party Committee of Tongji University.

Leader of or participant in major national basic scientific research projects, key and surface projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, key technological research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and other Sino-foreign cooperative research projects. Published more than 10 academic and professional books, and over 350 academic Journal papers. Won 18 prizes for making scientific and technological progress, including 3 National Science and Technology Awards.

Audit and Evaluation Expert and Engineering Certification Expert employed by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Education Commission. Won 18 teaching achievement awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level, including 7 national teaching achievement awards and 2 textbook awards; head of a national teaching team and national quality courses. Won numerous other prizes such as Outstanding University Teacher in Shanghai, National Nomination Award for Excellent Doctoral Thesis (Supervisor), Shanghai Excellent Postgraduate Research Paper Award (Supervisor), Baosteel Excellent Teachers Prize, etc.

LOU Binchao, Vice President

Professor of Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, served as Vice President of Putuo Campus of Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, Deputy Dean of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Party Secretary, Director of Experimental Training Department of Shanghai Second Polytechnic University and Director of Academic Affairs Office.

Long engaged in teaching and scientific research work in the field of mechanical engineering. Taught course “Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance of NC Machine Tools” established as a Shanghai and national top-quality course. Expert in the research of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis technology of mechanical equipment. Developed a mechanical fault diagnosis system and high-speed dynamic balance tester which have been applied to more than 100 large-scale machine manufacturing enterprises in China. First prize winner of Shanghai Teaching Achievement Awards (twice) and Shanghai Talent Cultivation Award winner.  

Experienced in higher education management and research. The current director of the Teaching and Research Branch of the Chinese Association of Higher Education, executive director of the Teachers Continuing Education Branch of the Chinese Association of Adult Education, and deputy director of the Equipment Maintenance Committee of Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society.

PAN Huibin, Vice President

Research Fellow, former Director of Office for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs, with additional posts successively as Director of International Students Office, Deputy Dean of the School of International Cultural Exchange, and Deputy Director of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Intellectual Property Education Exchange and Research Center.

Current positions include Executive Director and Vice President of China Association of Higher Education (branch for overseas students), Evaluation Expert of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools of the Ministry of Education, Evaluation Expert of key educational exchange projects with Taiwan of the Ministry of Education, Evaluation Expert of key exchange projects between Shanghai and Taiwan, Executive Director of the Association for the Promotion of Exchanges across the Taiwan Straits in Shanghai, Guest Professor of Feng Chia University, School Advisor of Chung Hua University, Distinguished Research Fellow of Taiwan Communication Association of Chinese History.


Shanghai Advanced Worker for Overseas University Students

Shanghai Advanced Individual for Taiwan Work

Shanghai Talent Cultivation Award

Excellence Award of Tongji University

Second Prize of Teaching Achievement in Shanghai

XU Jinzhong, Vice President

Associate Professor, former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Secretary of the Party Committee for Donghua University (Wuxi Campus), General Party Branch Secretary and Deputy Director for Vocational and Technical College of Donghua University, General Branch Secretary for Donghua University Industries, General Manager and General Party Branch Secretary for Logistics Group of Donghua University, General Manager and Chairman for Donghua University Investment Management Co., Ltd., Chairman of Donghua University Press Co., Ltd., Chairman of Donghua University Technology Park Co., Ltd.


President’s Award of Donghua University

Shanghai Talent Cultivation Award

Title of Logistics Model of Shanghai Universities

CHEN Wei, Deputy Party Secretary

Trade Union Chairman of Sanda University 

Master’s degree in Science and Education Management, assistant researcher.

Former Director of the Department of Campus Construction and Logistics .


Advanced Individual in Pudong District Safety and Security

Advanced Individual in Shanghai Expo Educational System Security and Stability

Shanghai Talent Cultivation Award