International Exchange & Cooperation Office (IECO) is the administrative Department of foreign affairs of the University management. Under the leadership of the University board, the Office mainly plays a role as an assistant in foreign affairs. The main task of IECO is to put forward the planning suggestions of international exchange and cooperation, develop international exchange and cooperation programs, make rules and regulations of foreign affairs,  assist relevant departments to work with overseas programs, and take the responsibility to arrange the foreign affairs activities.

Specific responsibilities are as follows:

- Organize and arrange foreign affairs of Sanda University and in charge of the international communication affairs;

- Review short and Long term foreign experts programs, handle their entry and exit procedures and expert certificates, provide relevant service;

- Recruit and review foreign students, and handle their enrollment and entry and exit procedures;

- Plan and implement relevant program of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, handle the relevant procedures of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs;

- Accept, apply and manage joint cooperation program in conjunction with academic affairs division and relevant colleges;

- Put forward suggestions about groups abroad, implement teacher training program and delegations visiting plan in conjunction with personnel division;

- Plan and implement students exchange program and handle relevant procedures in conjunction with students’ affair division and academic affair division;

- Accept and apply international academic conference in conjunction with scientific research division;

- Responsible for reviewing and filing of teachers’ and students’ other foreign activities.

In order to further coordinate foreign students’ affair and promote the development of foreign students’ education, International Students Office was set up under the coordination of University leaders.

In order to further strengthen the cultural exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs was set up.

Li Li as the director, Yi Miao as the deputy director.