Shanghai Sanda University established its new college to address the needs for cultivating modern health professionals to serve the society. The School of International Medical Technology was established in 2010, with high-caliber advanced curricula and ideal educational environment, is designated to forest young talents who have rich personal and professional essential knowledge and skills for the current complex health care system, the capability to utilize research and deliver evidence-based health care to the public needs. In addition, the creation of the School of International Medical Technology makes Sanda University able to provide a setting for health professionals to continue their education at university level and to provide skillful health professionals to meet the urgent demands of the international health markets in Shanghai, China and the world.  At present, the School provides academic programs in Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Health Education.  All of these programs are 4-year baccalaureate level and full time studies.  

The School of International Medical Technology creates the first academic program in nursing in 2010 to train advanced nursing professionals. Since its establishment, the school strives to make the nursing department an excellent nursing education institution whose mission and vision meet the expectation of both students and faculty members.

Shanghai Sanda University, with solid 20 plus years’ well-reputable education experience in China, attracts many young students to enroll into the current academic programs with a strong determination and commitment to enter the nursing profession. Although the Nursing program and Physical Therapy program are newly established, the two departments have equipped with many modern and advanced teaching technological equipment, such as Modern Simulation Manikins, Real-imitated Operation Room, Handy Health Assessment Laboratory, Modern Anatomy Laboratory, Functional Physical Therapy Room, well-equipped electronic microscopic learning facilities, and comfortable multimedia simulation classrooms. All these equipment and facilities are made available to students and faculties to use on daily basis.

In addition to the strong co-operative relationship with many tertiary and well-reputable teaching hospitals in Shanghai, and to better educate the future nursing and physical therapy professionals in Sanda University, these two programs also have established many clinical learning sites within Shanghai health community. This collaborative teaching effort promotes the integration of theoretic didactic teaching with current clinical practice. The clinical settings include well-known tertiary general hospitals, specialized hospitals, community health centers, and health promotion institutions. These clinical practice experiences are important for students to build up their professional confident, competency, and independent to be a modern nursing and physical therapy professional.

Through these connections, students from Sanda have many opportunities to experience the first class clinical practice and enjoy the skillful clinical faculty teaching at bedside.  They also have a better opportunity to work in the teaching hospitals after graduation. All faculty members of the School are dedicated to professional education and to ensure all graduates to accomplish the required skills in theoretic knowledge application and clinical skill utilization. In addition, with curriculum rich in professional English, graduates are expected to master the modern medical and nursing professional English for international communication. Moreover, graduates are expected to provide a holistic nursing care to their clients at various healthcare settings, and to provide useful health education for clients by utilizing modern nursing knowledge.