School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Sanda University has two departments: Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Department of Building Electrification and Intellectualization.  The School attaches great importance to the construction of Diversified, Multi-structured, and Double-qualified faculty team which means to be composed of senior professors leading the team, and middle-aged and young faculty members playing the roles and undertaking the responsibilities, with equal emphasis on professional titles and academic qualifications, and with full-time faculty members as the main force and part-time members as the supplemental force. The School presently has a total of 31 full-time and part-time teaching professionals including 2 full professors, 11 associate professors, 12 holding doctoral degrees, and 1 provincial and ministerial-level Master Teacher.

The School has made tremendous efforts in integrating the advantages of engineering majors, expanding the development space of disciplines and specialties, actively meeting the needs of social industries, strengthening the reform of talent training mode, paying attention to teaching reform and research, attaching importance to the cultivation of students' practical abilities, making full use of the regional advantages of Shanghai Pudong region , and actively developing school-enterprise cooperation.  As a matter of fact, the School has already signed a cooperation agreement with “Delta Group”, “Yanlord Property Group”, Shanghai Green Environment Machinery Co., Ltd, and others, set up a number of off-campus practical training bases, organized students to participate various types of competition activities, and achieved satisfactory outcomes.

The School, offering the academic field of study as one of the key project designated by the university, has established more than a dozen of laboratories for different majors through the government financial supports of around $1.5 million since 2017, basically satisfying the needs of the practical teaching and training for the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Presently, the students of some majors have already graduated from the university, and received warm welcome and wide acclaim from the society.